1. District wise League Tournaments is Mandatory for all District Football Associations of JAKFA. These are organized by DFA’s in the start of Season and all Clubs/Teams belonging to DFA have to take part compulsorily after completing Registration process as per Constitution of JAKFA.
  2. Any Tournament approved by DFA, confined to a DFA, is also considered a Domestic Activity .


  1. Tournaments organized by a DFA or an Affiliated Club/Team of JAKFA, in which Clubs/Teams of JAKFA are invited is called a State Activity. Like Football Tournament organized at Sopore by Friends Club, Sopore (Rahim Memorial Football Tournament) at Jammu (Sheri Kashmir Gold Cup Football Tournament) .
  2. State Championship in Football organized by JAKFA every year at Srinagar or Jammu in which selected Football Clubs/Teams of JAKFA take part.


  1. Football Tournaments organized by an Affiliate of JAKFA with prior & proper permission, in which Football teams/Clubs of other States are invited, like J&K Police Martyr’s Memorial Football Tournament at Srinagar. Rajiv Gandhi & Christmas Football Tournament at Jammu.


  1. Any Calendared Football Competitions of AIFF organized by JAKFA on behalf of AIFF at North Zone/ National level is called an AIFF Activity, like North Zone U-16 (Sub-Junior) Boys Championship, National U-19 (Junior)  Boys Championship, National Football Festival for U-14 (B) & U-13 (G) National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy. Any National for Girls/Womens, Federation Cup Football Tournament. Any Indian League & IInd Div. League of Premier Football Clubs of AIFF.
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