The J&K Football Association came into formation in 1964, and in the same year it was granted recognition by J&K State Sports Council, the  Apex Advisory Body in Sports & games to J&K and was granted Affiliation by Parent Body of Football in the Country i.e The All India Football Federation.  From 1964 onwards we qualified to take part in Santosh Trophy and in all other competitions organized by the Parent Body or in any other Competition of the Country.
The Football Team of Kashmir did take part in Durand & DCM Tournaments at Delhi from the year 1956, but it was through kind  Courtesy, Punjab Football Association, who included this Team, as one of their affiliates as it was a pre requite .
The State Govt. formed Kashmir Olympic and Jammu Olympic Associations for Kashmir & Jammu Provinces respectively, who organized all Sports activities at various State & District levels. In 1965 these two Provincial Bodies were made redundant.



The President of Jammu and Kashmir Football Association, Ex-National Football Player, Divisional Forest officer, Vice-Chairman Compitition Commitee AIFF,Dehli.

General Secretary

S . A . Hameed

Honorable General Secretary, Jammu and Kashmir Football Association, Ex- National Football Referee, Ex-Chief Sports Officer – J&K State sports Council, NS-NIS Diploma in Coaching ( Football ).

Central Executive Commitee

The General Council of JAKFA shall elect its office Bearers & Members for its Executive Commitee after every 4 years tenure, the strength of which shall be 15 as under :-

  • 1 . President.
  • 2-5 . One Vice-president each for all the 4 Zones.
  • 6 . Treasurer.
  • 7-14 . Two members each for all the 4 Zones.
  • 15 . General Secretary – to be appointed by JAKFA.